Epoch of optical signal processing Cornerstones of the photonics age Creative Applications

Detailed research themes
Nano photonics
- Plasmonics and photonic crystals
- Meta materials

Large scale optics simulation
- Parallel computing
- Numerical methods

Holography, diffractive optics
- Holographic memory and lithography
- Computer generated hologram, diffractive optical element
- Design & analysis based on geometric optics and wave optics

3D display with Integral Imaging
- Autostreoscopic (glass-less) 3D dipslay technique
- Viewing angle enhanced integral imaging
- Depth enhanced integral imaging

3D/2D convertible display
- 3D/2D convertible display with multiple LCDs (PDLCs)
- 3D/2D convertible display with point light source

2D contents to 3D contents
- Motion vector in MPEG
- Line of Sight


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